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Hi. My name is Margaret Ogu but I’m popularly known as Megg McKay…

I’m a lawyer and a digital entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria.

This time last year, I had sworn never to go near anything that smelt like online business again!

6 months before that, I was scammed of my life-savings in a ponzi scheme.

I had made some money from it initially. But I wanted more profits so l poured in all the money I had left.

I even invited my friends and family members to do the same, and I confidently bragged that I was going to become a millionaire very soon.

That was when the platform mysteriously crashed and left me financially and emotionally devastated, including all those I had invited to invest in the platform.

I was in utter shock and denial for months. It took me a lot of time to pick myself up and move on with life.

To make matters worse, that was not the first time I had tried to parachute myself out of poverty using the quickest means I saw available.


Few years before, I had invested my sister’s school fees into MMM, because my friend made N1M from it.

You guessed right! My money disappeared into thin air, with that of thousands of other Nigerians. My sister had to stay at home that year.

To be honest though, it’s not that I was greedy. I was only trying to create a better life for myself and for my family.

But unfortunately, I simply did not know a better way to go about it.

Things became really frustrating.

That was not the life I had dreamed of.


As a child, I thought that by 25, I would have built a nice duplex in Lekki, bought at least 3 cars, built a big house for my parents, and showered them with enough money to comfortably retire and start enjoying the fruits of their labours.

That is the dream of every first child, right?

Or am I the only one?

Long story short, that was not my reality.

Few months ago, almost 27, still squatting with a friend in her small cubicle… (popularly known as face me I slap you) …. in Ajegunle (a ghetto in Lagos) …

Sharing toilet, kitchen and bathroom with total strangers. The kind of bathroom where you dare not pick up your soap or sponge if it falls to the ground *shivers*

My friend was showing me pepper, to let me know that I was overstaying my welcome

What’s worse…my grandmother was constantly calling for help; my younger siblings were stranded in school

I usually finished my monthly salary within 10 days of receiving it… and relied on loans to survive the remaining days.

The debt I was owing people was even four times more than my meagre monthly salary

I couldn’t go out with my friends. I was tired of them feeding me….

No one had told me there was no bag of money waiting for me on my 25th birthday.

I thought that things would take shape and become rosy after graduating from the University and getting called to the Nigerian Bar.

One day, I was scrolling on my phone – my only source of entertainment and consolation – and I saw a tweet from Bruno on Twitter. He shared how he made N5M in 5 months through an online business.

The first thing that came to my mind – and that is probably running through you mind – was SCAM!!! or YAHOO-YAHOO!!!!


I quickly texted my friends Caleb, Joy and Chigozie about it, telling them to beware of Bruno.

But to my utmost surprise, they were interested and eventually joined the online business.

Of course, I warned them not to come crying to me for consolation when their money vanished.

Fast forward to one year later, I was still in the same miserable condition.

Only that I was squatting with another broke friend.

I was still hoping for a miracle from anywhere…… I really needed a miracle.

I was checking my friends’ WhatsApp status when I saw Caleb’s post, explaining how he made N10 million in less than one year.

I nearly choked on the garri I was drinking.

I quickly messaged him and asked HOOOOWW?!

“Ah, it’s that online business that Bruno introduced us to na”

I replied, “but that was a scam na”

He just laughed and asked me, “since when did buying and selling become a scam?”

That if it was a scam, did I think it will last more than a year?

Then it dawned on me that I had missed out on an amazing opportunity that most of my friends were now cashing out from

But he reassured me that as long as buying and selling exists, I could start making money at anytime.

I went all in. I needed no further push.


Four weeks later, I made N124,000 just by pressing my phone, from the comfort of my cubicle, and without any previous experience in online marketing.

I then made it my mission to spread the good news and guide as many people as possible on how to replicate these results in the easiest way and within the shortest time frame possible

Now, let’s go into it!

This online business is called affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model whereby you recommend other people’s products to potential customers and earn a commission each time someone buys the product through you.

Ok, let’s scrap that big grammar

Now, let me break it down for you

As an affiliate, you promote any product online and each time someone buys that product, you earn a commission….

Interesting, isn’t it?


So, your only work here is to recommend products to people who are willing to buy and you earn a commission when they buy

So simple, right?


Now this business can work for anyone:
✔️ If you are a student
✔️ If you work a 9 – 5 job
✔️ If you are a business man/ woman
✔️ If you are stay-at-home mom or dad
✔️ If you are still job hunting
✔️ If you’re a busy lawyer like me, engineer, medical doctor, accountant you name it


❌You don’t have to use a laptop
❌ You don’t need to have a degree in marketing or any experience of selling online before
❌ You don’t need to create your own product
❌ You don’t need much start-up capital
❌ You don’t need to worry about delivery, shipping or any logistics whatsoever…
❌ You need don’t need to open a shop or hire anyone

☑️ All you need is a smartphone (like the one you’re holding now) with internet connection
☑️ 1-2hrs each day

Since becoming a millionaire has now become so easy thanks to affiliate marketing, many Nigerians have grabbed this opportunity and are now earning over 7-figures monthly and above.


Let me share a few testimonies with you 😎 


That’s not all, some have even used the knowledge from this 12-billion-dollar industry to 10X their sales in other businesses.


While some have used it to secure jobs with foreign clients where they are paid plenty of dollars.


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I’ll see you inside

Your friend,

Megg Mckay

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