Stunning Secrets I Used To Make 1M (yes you read it right, 1 million Naira) Within 6 Months Without Owning A Single Product or Renting A Shop or Buying Any Goods.

(And what’s amazing was I did this with just my phone).

But I’ll be getting ahead of myself because this isn’t where this story starts.

I finished my Nysc in May 2016 and got my first 9-5 job not up to a month after that.

Funny story, I didn’t even apply for the job.

God just granted me favor and I got job easily.

Till today my former boss doesn’t even know what I studied in school… But that’s by the way.

I started work as a contract staff I wasn’t paid shingbain for my first 2 months

Did it bother me? Nope!

I woke up every day, dressed up, and went to work every single day with Jesus joy.

In my mind, I was sha better than my mates who were still using torchlight to find jobs.
The money didn’t matter to me.

Frankly speaking, it never has, even till today.


My only goal was to show up at the office every day and be the solution to every problem that needed solving.

As a result of that + grace & favor, I was able to work my way up the corporate ladder, and within a space of two years, I went from Junior Staff earning 15k monthly to management staff.

Somebody shout halleluyah!
The salary was bumped up to 213k monthly + an official car + a brand new high-end dell lappy + 80litres monthly fuel allowance + travel allowance🤑

Nna Ehnnnn… Some would say I had the dream 9-5 life at that point abi?
But it didn’t last

The thing about enviable blessings is the fact that they reduce your friends and increase your enemies.

Long story short though.

The people I once called friends framed me and succeeded in getting me kicked out of the company… Without severance package.
It was like being sent back to my village

After everything I had contributed to the company… The years of my life I could never get back.

Well, that’s life I guess.
That misfortune happened to me in July 2019

It was the definition of rock-bottom for me.

I remember the night of the day it happened,

I cried like a teenager because I was pained.

The weight of painful emotions flowing through me at the same time was just too much to bear
The next day, I woke up to a new harsh reality.

I had become a jobless broke graduate like many of my mates.

As I lay in bed that morning, I asked myself, what next?

I knew I had two options…

Become a victim of circumstance or take responsibility for my life and start building from nothing.

Of course, I didn’t save a penny in all my time at the company because I wasn’t financially intelligent at the time… 😀


Where was I going to start from?
The only skills I had at the time was Copywriting

I started offering my services in exchange for peanuts.

After all, bills must be paid abi?
At that point, I was earning an average of 15 – 20k monthly which wasn’t even nearly enough to cover my bills and expenses.

It forced me to start depending on my parents and siblings for financial support.
Imagine a 26 year old graduate asking his mom for 2k every week to subscribe for data

First and only son in a family with 4 siblings, it made me feel terrible

I felt like a failure because I couldn’t help myself talk less of giving my family the life I know they truly deserve.

Soon, I realized after running my one-man show as a solopreneur for a while that those two skills I was offering as services alone were not enough to get me to financial freedom.

I decided to start digging around the internet for legitimate high-income opportunities to make money online but after searching for 2 weeks, I gave up… I used to be a very lazy guy sha… lol

It seemed like I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for, but just 1 week later affiliate marketing found me through a Facebook ad

I can never forget that day in my life because it was the turning point in my destiny.
That was how i started my journey as an affiliate in July 2020.


The rest is history… Fast forward to today

During a moment of clarity recently, something hit me.
Financially speaking, the best thing that ever happened to me was losing that my 9-5 job.

Because it shocked me out of the false sense of financial security I used to have – expecting my salary to come every single month – I am sure you can relate.

Or how about these other amazing weekly earnings from my affiliate business.


Look at this 4 Million Naira made in 10 months of joining Affiliate marketing

Let me explain:

So, to explain affiliate marketing in its simplest & easiest format, lemme give you an example.

Have you ever been to an open market and while looking around, someone approaches you to ask what you want to buy?

He then claims he has what you are looking for and proceeds to take you to his ‘shop’.

But when you get there, something surprising happens to you…

Another person attends to you.

It appears the guy who brought you to the shop was just the middleman.


And this is what he does every day bringing different people to these shops to buy things.

And he’ll get paid a commission – a percentage of the price of the product you purchased. Maybe N10,000 or N50,000 or N1500 or whatever depending on how much what you’re buying is.


Of course, you won’t know about this commission payment because it happens after you’ve left.

And this is to reward and encourage him to bring more customers.

And this is how it happens in every big open market around – Alaba, Computer Village, Balogun market and so on.

That’s just affiliate marketing in its basic form.

See more results via affiliate marketing.

So as an affiliate, you make money without even needing to have your product or service.

And you can do this from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home, office, etc.


The cool thing is all these are digital.

There’s no need for physical transportation of goods or services so you don’t have to worry about logistic issues or customer service, etc.

Your job is to simply connect buyer to seller, and you know the best part?

You do it every day!

From the comfort of your bedroom.

In your pyjamas – just like me and my friends

And this is what a lot of people are making anywhere from N20,000 – N500,000 daily, weekly, or monthly…

Because I’m willing to share this life-changing opportunity with you, this class is exclusively FREE FOR YOU.

And yes, normally the class should cost at least N20,000. But I’ll let fast action takers it for FREE.


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See you on the other side.

Yours in marketing, Emmanuel.

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